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Live-Webinar: Lizenzmanagement with ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)

Thursday, 22.04 | 16.00 CEST

Learn how ServiceNow Software Asset Management can help your organisation achieve effective licence management.

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Webinar: ServiceNow Integration with Microsoft Teams on (MARCH 21)


With the integration between ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams, you can streamline your company’s flow of data and work, improve automation and reduce manual work to improve productivity and connectivity of your business’ own workflows. In this webinar, we will explain the various uses and benefits of such integration and give you an insight into how it works and looks.

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Webinar: Introduction to the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) 3.0 (Feb 21)


CSDM 3.0 is an evolution of the data model standard that supports the CSDB framework within the now-platform. In this webinar, we explain the basic structure of CSDM 3.0 and go into innovations compared to its predecessor.

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Webinar: Predictive Intelligence for Incident Management (January 21)


ServiceNow® Predictive Intelligence is a powerful — yet, approachable and attainable — set of machine learning capabilities that effectively integrates with your ServiceNow workflows to enhance business efficiency and improve service.

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