Agile and Efficient security response


Step into SecOps

ServiceNow Security Operations brings your data from security tools into a structured response engine which is using automation, intelligent workflows and connection with IT to resolve all threats based on impact to your organization.



Critical Challenges

Are you facing any of these problems?

- Too many alerts
- Manual Process
- Barriers between Security and IT
Why does it take so long to respond to threats?

IT and Security professionals point to one primary problem: disconnection between security and IT tools. Which leads to inefficient incident response coordination across organizations. Traditional approach:

- Numerous, disjointed tools
- Lack of automation
- Difficulties of tracking the right PoC
- Multiple unsecured data sets and security runbooks which leads to impossibility to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Beyond above, manual process makes things only worse. Spreadsheets become outdated quickly, emails frequently land in wrong mailboxes.

Agile and efficient security response

1. Rely on a single source of truth (across Security and IT) - everyone needs access to the latest data.
2. Integrate with CMDB - analyze and identify problems more quickly!
3. Prioritize all security incidents and vulnerabilities (best way: automatically) - allow analysts to know which systems are affected, to see potential impact clearly.
4. Automate basic tasks - allow analysts to receive critical information in seconds. Automating manual tasks will help to react and respond quickly.
5. Ensure security playbook is followed - this enables Tier 1 personnel to perform actual security work and allow more experienced professionals to hunt down complex threats.
6. Quickly Identify Approvers and SMEs - identify experts and approvers, and quickly escalate if SLAs aren’t met.
7. Respond faster with orchestration - take action from a single console that can interact with other security tools.
8. Collect metrics, track performance, drive PIRs, enable the process improvement.

In short - the correct solution will enable efficient response to threats and connect IT and Security teams.