Security Operations Management

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SecOps Insights


Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and security incidents faster. Unify data and processes across IT, security, and risk teams. Replace manual tasks with automated security orchestration.


Prioritise weak points

Identify and prioritise critical threats by adding business context to determine if something is affecting your eCommerce server or an unused demo system to focus on the elements that pose the greatest risk to the business.

Reduce manual tasks

Respond faster by reducing manual tasks such as automating investigations - turn 45 minutes of research into seconds. These time-saving features make security teams more efficient, enabling them to respond to more incidents faster with the same number of staff.

Establishing a link between security and IT teams

Security Operations combines security and IT by working on a single platform. It is easier to hand over tasks, but the sensitive security data can still be kept separate from IT. SLAs ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Prioritize vulnerabilities

Exploit-Enrichment allows customers to bring in exploit data from multiple sources. If your security analysts know which vulnerabilities are being actively exploited, they can better prioritise the response to vulnerabilities and patch the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk before they can be exploited.


Security Incident Response

SIR simplifies the identification of critical incidents and provides workflow and automation tools to speed up remediation.

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SVulnerabilityS Response

Respond faster and efficiently to vulnerabilities, connect security and IT teams, and provide real-time visibility.

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