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ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) enables your organization to increase customer satisfaction, improve the efficiency of support agents, and reduce customer inquiries and costs by going beyond conventional solutions to improve customer service from problem to resolution.

With CSM, different teams and departments of your company can be connected together for end-to-end resolution and processing of customer inquiries, efficiently assigning customer inquiries, resolving more important inquiries and problems faster, and providing the customer with a clear answer and an up-to-date status.

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Bjorn Beyersdorff
Bjorn Beyersdorff
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CSM also enables you to intelligently and proactively resolve issues before customers know they have them, automate processes to handle common requests immediately by providing the customer with a possible and appropriate response when the request is created, or use machine learning and IT operations management to identify potential problems with customer products and services before the problems occur at the customer site, so that higher availability of your products and services could be maintained.

With ProServ you can get the right help in implementing and customizing ServiceNow Customer Service Management. We can help you to implement this product in your organization in a customized and timely manner. Contact us directly through our website and we will answer your request within 24 hours.

Proactive solution


Through IoT (Internet of Things), CSM and ITOM (IT Operations Management) can monitor your customers' products and services to proactively resolve issues before customers even contact your support.

Easy to use


CSM allows you to easily personalize the customer experience in your portal as well as provide productive views and multi-tasking interface for your agents. With automation and machine learning, your support staff will also be less busy with frequently asked questions.



Collaboration and transparency is made possible because CSM connects your different departments together so that customer inquiries can be solved quickly. This transparency is also passed on to the customer, as he can always see the current status in the portal.

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