Predictive Intelligence

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Why it is time for AI in ServiceNow


ServiceNow has an easy to use Machine Learning capability integrated to the NOW platform. The systems can learn from your data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. The automation possible can reduce your support costs and improve customer satisfaction by fast and repeatable results. It can detect major issues faster or alert you about problems even before they occur.

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The benefits


Because AI resolves the high-volume of low complexity issues hitting the IT service teams, agents are free to focus on higher-complexity, value-add work. AI also helps IT agents in their everyday responsibilities, supplementing their knowledge with predictive intelligence so they can work more efficiently and effectively. Case studies show an increase in 20% productivity for a Service Desk.

ServiceNow® Predictive Intelligence is a powerful — yet, approachable and attainable — set of machine learning capabilities that effectively integrates with your ServiceNow workflows to enhance business efficiency and improve service. Using a patented machine learning engine, Predictive Intelligence helps your teams work faster by recommending content to agents after making connections between incidents, cases, alerts, and knowledge articles.

Predictive Intelligence also accurately categorizes, assigns, and prioritizes incoming requests, freeing your teams to focus on the problem solving that humans do best. These capabilities make adopting machine learning simple and accessible for businesses looking to reduce manual intervention, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate employee productivity.

Predictive Intelligence uses machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning techniques to quickly analyze and compare records across all ServiceNow applications. A scriptable prediction API allows developers to use predictions in their own custom apps and workflows built on the Now Platform. Packages like AI Ops and ITSM Professional contain best practices and prebuild solutions for a quick start of implementation.

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How does it work?


Predictive Intelligence uses advanced machine learning to automatically categorize, route, and assign IT tickets, as well as surface resolution recommendations for expedited service. When a user raises a ticket, the algorithm scans the description text and assigns it to the most relevant category and then alerts agents to potential resolutions based on past experience data. Values are set automatically without human intervention, which speeds up the whole process and helps reduce long ticket queues. Predictive Intelligence can also group similar records into clusters—use this to identify patterns across multiple cases, surface larger—scope critical incidents, automate certain resolutions, or just save time by addressing multiple tickets at once. And it’s not just smart—it’s teachable. At the heart of Predictive Intelligence is a predictive model that can be trained based on past experience. If the algorithm assigns a ticket to the wrong category and this is corrected by a human, the model learns from the mistake and changes future actions.

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How can I benefit from Predictive intelligence?


Predictive Intelligence is learning from YOUR historical data. It needs a good amount of correctly documented records and insights into your KPIs and process quality that you continuously gain through Analytics. You should consider it for sure if you use ITSM professionals already as Performance Analytics, Virtual Client and Predictive Intelligence are part of the package and the power comes with implementation of all three components. Upgrading from ITSM standard is fruitful as well when you are ready to move. You do not need a data scientist or Machine Learning guru to get this off the ground but the general business culture to embrace digital changes involving “bots”. ServiceNow partners can advise and implement but you need to deliver your goals, business context and the long term role for Predictive intelligence (should be a resource that likes analytics, statistics and understands your business) to maintain a good prediction score - as the business context is continuously changing.



ProServ is currently investigating which customers could benefit from Predictive Intelligence. We offer a Webinar to give you a first high level impression if this could work in the “real word” with your business context, data and maturity of ServiceNow implementation you currently have.


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