IT Operations Management

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check green   Innovation

ServiceNow ITOM maps business systems and services under one umbrella, streamlining the overall IT operations. Also, the ITOM dashboard provides deeper insights on the health of the IT infrastructure. ServiceNow ITOM deploys predictive and machine learning algorithms to provide deep analytics in the service delivery efficiencies and identifies anomalies in the infrastructure and can even suggests remedies for self-healing. 

check green   Automation

ServiceNow ITOM transforms ITOM processes with high-level automation solutions and service modeling capabilities, thereby ensuring total accountability of the IT infrastructure. It directs the approach of the IT department’s ITOM strategy. This empowers the IT team to automate manual tasks and focus more on driving business goals by managing IT infrastructure (which includes software, devices, and other hardware) dynamically.

check green   Insights to performance

ServiceNow ITOM allows top IT managers to see overall applications and infrastructure performance as a whole. Thereby this IT investments can steer future IT investments by providing valuable insights into the department's weak spots.


ITOM Visibility

Improve service quality, strengthen change processes, reduce risk, optimize your infrastructure spend, and minimize software compliance issues.

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ITOM Health

Free up your IT staff from time-consuming, error-prone tasks with AIOps. Accelerate issue resolution with relevant and contextual change, problem, and incident data.

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ITOM Optimisation

Accelerate cloud strategy and reduce costs with Cloud Insight and Cloud Management (multi provider provisioning and seamless service management)

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