Common Service Data Model 3.0

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Why a new release 3.0 of the CSDM?

CSDM 3.0 is an evolution of the data model standard that supports the CMDB framework within the Now platform. Updates of the CSDM became necessary as the model itself had evolved.



Why is the CSDM important?

The CSDM provides a unified framework on the ServiceNow platform that enables organizations to holistically manage service portfolios and service lifecycles. It provides a single view of internal services (both business and IT) and acts as an external interface for consumers and providers.

By being oriented to the CSDM, your organization can immediately use the new functions of the platform.


Whats the CSDM?

To describe CSDM, we need to look at it more closely. Its value and use cases are multidimensional. An overview in one or two sentences simply does not do it justice.



- Centered around the concept of a service

- A collection of out-of-the-box (OOB) ServiceNow tables

- A framework of five areas supporting an end-to-end (E2E) service lifecycle

- Supported by guidelines for normative implementation and product use cases


Furthermore, the CSDM is not:

- A guide for process or product implementation (e.g. ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, etc.)

- A package, application or plugin to be installed

- A series of reports

- An automatic correction for previous implementations

- A SKU or a product sold by ServiceNow

What is a service?
As the name suggests, the CSDM revolves around the concept of a service.

Service definition according to ITIL:
"An opportunity to add value to customers by facilitating or encouraging the achievement of the results customers are seeking. Customers do not have to bear responsibility for certain costs and risks themselves".

In practice, defining application, business and technical services (services) can be a challenge for your organization. This topic alone has captured my attention more times than I would like to remember. But once you have a common understanding of a service, you are well on your way to aligning its meaning with your overall business strategy.

Screenshot (23)


Domains (logic)

The best place to start are the "Domains. There are four color-coded domains, each representing the capability to support the E2E service lifecycle.

The following diagram summarizes the focus of each domain.

Screenshot (1) (1)


The Common Service Data Model (CSDM) contains the areas Foundation, Design, Manage Technical Services, Sell/Consume and Manage Portfolio. Each domain is associated with one or more products or services.



The domain Foundation represents tables containing basic data referenced from or to objects in the other CSDM domains.

The design domain includes the tables currently used by ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management (APM).

Manage Technical Services-Domain
This domain includes the tables currently used by ServiceNow® IT Operations Management (ITOM), such as Service Mapping and Discovery.

Sell/Consume Domain
The sell/consume area includes the tables currently used by ServiceNow® Service Portfolio Management (SPM) and Customer Service Management.



Manage Portfolio Domain
This area includes parts of the other GSVM areas: Creation, design, management of technical services and sale/consumption.

You need help implementing CSDM 3.0 in your organization?

ProServ is currently helping many organizations design their ServiceNow CSDM to support their entire IT workflow. In many cases this is part of a broader digital transformation initiative or digital operating model.


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